Monday, May 21, 2012

What is Juicing?

     Juicing is the practice of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruit or vegetables. There are many methods of juicing, from squeezing fruit by hand to wide scale extraction via industrial equipment. Juicing by individuals is often completed with a household appliance called a juicer, which may be as simple as a cone upon which fruit is mashed or refined as a variable-speed, motor-driven device. It may also refer to the act of extracting and then drinking juice or those who extract the juice.

     Commercial juicing concentrates mostly on fruit juices, judging by the ratio of fruit to vegetable juices available in grocery markets. Residential juicing is often prepared for dietary purposes or as a form of alternative medicine. Interest has escalated in the last decade due to a number of books, videos, and claims and quick dissemination due to the Internet. The documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross has also created a juicing evolution. While juicers availability in discount stores has made them more common, it is not a staple kitchen appliance due to the cost, single-use nature, and roughly limited presence in retail stores.

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