Monday, May 21, 2012

*NEW PRODUCT* Attain® GC Control™ Shake – Creamy Chocolate Fusion

Exclusive GC Control Technology

When it comes to supporting healthy blood sugar, there are three critical factors: Supporting healthy blood sugar levels, maintaining healthy insulin response, and optimizing blood sugar levels. GC Control addresses all three factors using the power of Oligo®, plus a proprietary blend of specially formulated ingredients – backed by clinical research.
  • Oligo® Chromium: Supports diets deficient in chromium and is necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism*
  • Cinnamon bark extract: Helps support healthy glucose levels*
  • Korean red ginseng root: Helps support balanced glucose uptake*
  • Mulberry extract: Helps lower the glycemic index of food*
  • Green tea leaf extract: Promotes healthy insulin activity*
  • Sweet potato extract: Helps support healthy fasting blood glucose levels*

Passing the Clinical Test
GC Control was put to the test in a blind, independent clinical study conducted over 56 days with prediabetic patients who used GC Control twice daily. The results versus baseline levels were exceptional. Subjects reported feeling significantly different in the areas of increased energy, decreased fatigue, and decreased appetite. Study participants also saw significant changes in three key areas of blood sugar support.

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